Andrea Holt is a main character. She works as a Registered Nurse at Manhattan Medical Center. She studied nursing at Pace University in White Plains, New York and worked as a bartender for two years after graduation.


Andrea was born on December 24, 1988 in Mount Vernon, New York to mother Sanya Martinez and father Marshall Holt. She was born two months premature following Sanya and Marshall's tough breakup after she realized he had been cheating on her. This serves as the cause of Andrea's ongoing problem with Chronic Kidney Disease, the gradual loss of kidney function.

Growing up, the local hospital served as her second home. At the age of fifteen, she received a kidney transplant that barely last a year, marking the start of what she describes as the lowest point of her life. Andrea would go on to live in the hospital for eleven months until she was stable enough to go home. As a working adult who is still in need of a kidney, she ends up in the hospital at least once a month. Knowing tomorrow isn't promised, Andrea lives her life to the fullest by going on occasional hikes, traveling during the holidays, and making compulsive decisions, otherwise known as one of her few weaknesses.

After her parents' divorce, Marshall has only seen Andrea twice. Once during her eleven month hospital stay and the other when he was admitted to Manhattan Medical Center after suffering a stroke. They promised to keep in touch, but his death just a week later didn't allow that to happen. On the other hand, Andrea and Sanya are attached to the hip. Though they live over two hundred miles away, Andrea makes sure to either call or text her every night she can. She thought their relationship would be hindered by her coming out as a lesbian, but she was wrong.


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