Cody Roberts is a main character. He works as a General Surgeon at Manhattan Medical Center. He studied medicine at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is married to Marsha Jean-Roberts.


Cody was born on April 4, 1968 in Albany, New York to mother Mia and father Jonathan Roberts. Cody was raised into a big, loving family. Their wealth didn't tear them a part like it does most families, but only made them closer. Even without any siblings, he managed to form tight-knit relationships with a few grandparents and cousins. Growing up in such a loving environment made his heart grow big.

In college, Cody was one of the most frequent party attendees on campus. That is, until he met his wife, Marsha, a nursing major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their first encounter happened at a local restaurant where they accidentally bumped into each other and since then, Cody has been head over heels for her. They got married just a month after college. Him and Marsha have tried to conceive, but after realizing it was taking longer than expected, they made a doctors appointment. Marsha found out that she is infertile, shocking the two of them. At one point, she even expressed her fear of Cody wanting to leave her because of it, but he promised to stay by her side no matter what.

Unlike many of his colleagues, Cody is often described as a nice, open man. Though he is one of the hospital's best, he won't hesitate to help a nurse or intern when needed. That being said, he is very well respected because of his kindness, medical talent, and big heart.


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