Mark Andrews is a main character. He works as a General Surgeon at Manhattan Medical Center. He studied medicine at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts where he also later received his PhD.


Mark was born on June 4, 1987 in Everett, Massachusetts to single mother Angela Andrews on the same day as his twin sister, Janine Thomas. After dropping out of high school during her senior year, Angela grew depressed and turned to sex as a coping mechanism. This resulted in her pregnancy, disappointing both her parents. They attempted to make things work, but eventually disowned her six months into her pregnancy. To this day, Angela has yet to know who the father of her children is, but still has hope that she'll find him.

Mark tends to describe himself as the unwanted child. Growing up, he was never the favorite and though Angela has constantly tried to assure him that he wasn't, he knew the truth. Though Mark doesn't like to admit it, many of his friends and coworkers have become aware of his tendency to push others away. He refuses to let people in too deep into his life, especially with heartbreak being one of his worst fears. The last thing he wants to do is end up like his mother, broken and alone, but he'll have to change his ways if he were to find himself in a relationship.

In high school, Mark was one of the popular boys. His hobbies included football, baseball, and dancing. His original plan for the future was to become a professional choreographer and own a studio in the city, but Angela quickly shot down his ideas. She suggested he pursue a "real" career and he listened to her. Considering how successful he is, Mark doesn't regret his decision one bit.


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