Monica Robinson is a main character. She works as a Trauma Surgeon at Manhattan Medical Center. She studied medicine at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.


Monica was born on December 22, 1986 in Paramus, New Jersey to unnamed biological parents. When she was four, she was adopted by Tasha Robinson, a single woman who had always wanted kids. Tasha had just gotten out of a one-sided marriage with a wealthy business man that ended because of her inability to conceive. Weeks after the divorce, she decided to look into adoption. Her struggles made Monica warm up to her in just a few months and continuously strengthened her love for her.

Growing up with such a kind, accepting, and free mother led Monica to rubbing off on her. Ever since she was a little girl, Monica knew that boys weren't her thing. In high school, she experimented and found that she was correct. Monica came out to her mother a week after proclaiming herself a lesbian. Tasha was completely accepting and even offered to set her up with one of her friend's daughters. Monica often tells that story to her friends to sum up their relationship.

Monica got married young. She was twenty when she met her ex-wife, Thalia Wallace, on freshman orientation day at Rutgers. They were engaged just two months later and made it official later in the year. Their marriage didn't last long due to constant arguments and Thalia's cheating. Right after Monica filed for divorce, she visited Tasha who became her shoulder to cry on for weeks. Since then, she has only dated two girls, but it was never anything serious. She has also promised herself not to fall in love or get married too fast.


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