Thomas Diaz is a main character. He works as a Surgical Intern at Manhattan Medical Center. He studied medicine at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Thomas Diaz was born on March 28, 1993 in Miami, Florida to mother Anita and father Martin Diaz. Growing up with wealthy parents who are both doctors may sound like heaven to some, but to others, it may seem like hell. It was exactly that for Thomas - a living hell.

The day after Thomas' eighth birthday, Anita sat him down for a serious talk. Thomas had a bad feeling about it and his gut was correct. She had asked him if there was anything he had to tell her and he denied. She then proceeded to telling him that her family had their suspicions about him possibly liking men. Thomas confessed then and there and so Anita asked him to keep it a secret until he were to move out. The day he turned eighteen, Anita and Martin kicked him out of the house for being gay. They made sure to fund him with $50,000 before disowning him. Thomas hasn't seen his parents since.

This experience turned Thomas into the strong, independent man he is today. After buying an apartment and a plane ticket to New York on the same day he was kicked out, he claims he isn't afraid of anything. Overcoming his past wasn't easy, but Thomas has found so much happiness in the city that he doubts he would've found any place else. His bright attitude is one of the many reasons why his colleagues at the hospital classify him as one of his favorite people. There are times when Thomas reminisces his past and upsets himself, but he doesn't let such negative thoughts stop him.


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